Session III. Nutrition and inflammation.

Monday 10th September
16.00 - 17.30 h.
Great Hall (Ground Floor)

Mireille Dardenne

National Institute of Health and Medical Research. Researcher Emeritus INSERM. Paris. France.

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Efosa Kenneth Oghagbon

Department of Chemical Pathology. Faculty of Basic & Allied Medical Sciences. College of Health Sciences. Benue State University. Makurdi. Nigeria.

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Fats as triggers and modulators of inflammation.

Philip C. Calder

Faculty of Medicine. University of Southampton. United Kingdom.

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Nutrition & inflammatory signalling pathways.

Harry Wichers

Wageningen University. Wageningen. The Netherlands.

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Oral Communications.

380/33 Dietary Inflammatory Index score and colorectal cancer risk markers associated with inflammation and WNT signalling

380/52 Inhibitory effects of Withaferin A and Withania somnifera on macrophage inflammation.