Session XI. Nutrition and immune development.

Wednesday 12th September
16.00 - 17.30 h.
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Gabriela Perdigón

Tucumán University. CONICET-Cerela. Tucumán. Argentina.

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Francisco José Pérez-Cano

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology. Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences. University of Barcelona. Spain.

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Breast milk oligosaccharides and the developing immune system.

Sharon Donovan

University of Illinois. United States of America.

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Breast feeding, microbiota and immune development in early life.

Aletta Kraneveld

Dept . Pharmacology. Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences. Faculty of Science. Utrecht University. The Netherlands. Nutricia Research. The Netherlands.

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T-cell development in malnutrition: consequences for acute infections

Wilson Savino

Full Researcher. Laboratory on Thymus Research, Director of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

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