Session VIII. Microbiota and immune health.

Wednesday 12th September
9.00 - 10.30 h.
Great Hall (Ground Floor)

Francisco José Pérez-Cano

Department of Biochemistry and Physiology. Faculty of Pharmacy and Food Sciences. University of Barcelona. Spain.

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Caroline Childs

Human Development and Health. Faculty of Medicine University of Southampton. United Kingdom.

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Microbiota & GALT.

Marie Lewis

University of Reading. Reading. United Kingdom.

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Probiotic interaction with host immunity.

Gabriela Perdigón

Tucumán University. CONICET-Cerela. Tucumán. Argentina.

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Oral Communications.

380/4 Interrelation between chronic consumption of sweeteners, GALT lymphocytes and the small intestine microbiota of CD1 mice.

380/53 Association between probiotic fermented milk (PFM) consumption and Bifidobacterium species in healthy adults.